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The Future Of Entertainment

SNOWBLACK is a studio for top tier scripting, creative direction, consultancy and distribution strategy using mobile, interactive, VR & AR technology in order to create the future of how we experience content.

Founder | Creator Adina Popescu has a long-standing career as a director and has worked with 3d, virtual reality and mixed reality content early on. Her knowledge on emerging technologies is vast.

Our international network of trusted partners allows for us to use only state of the art tech in order to ensure the quality of our vision. Our strategic partners are amongst others Brett Leonard and Scott Ross at Virtuosity VR in LA.

"Adina Popescu is a highly-visionary artist in the field of new media and cultural experiences, and especially in the field of VR and AR. She is a true global and avant-garde thinker, able to cross over multiple disciplines, while never losing the sense for integrity and ethical guidelines."

"I was first introduced to the potential of Virtual Reality technology by the Futurist, Adina Popescu. Adina Popescu's vision catalyzed CI's commitment to first exploring and then successfully deploying new technologies for communications and public engagement. Her deep understanding and experience with viral tools and new tech proved essential for our embracing of these next generation tools. And the response from multiple audiences has been extraordinary."


Adina Popescu, Founder & Creator @ SNOWBLACK - Studio For Virtual & Augmented Realities

Adina Popescu is a philosopher and entrepreneur, creating platforms that integrate nascent technology in order to generate impact and to empower bottom-up movements. 
She is currently working on a 4D Immersive Climate Change Platform called EARTH that is running on BLOCKCHAIN, “because EARTH belongs to everyone”. 

Adina is launching a YouTube show about Blockchain, Net Neutrality and the democratization of Information, featuring outstanding thought leaders in that space.

Her artistic work and her publications have been featured at Art Basel, Venice Biennial, Palais de Tokyo in Paris and at Art Galleries such as Marlborough in NYC, alongside Richard Prince, Eigen & Art Berlin.

She worked as a creative advisor to Conservation International (CI) on new forms of engagement via immersive & viral storytelling and has been an advisor to Peter Seligmann (CEO of CI) directly - which led to Conservation International's VR experience Valens Reef @ Chris Milks company WITHIN. 

She has a deeply rooted interest in Nature Conservation and was curator of a conference format called ‘Parley for the Oceans’ – organized on behalf of Pharrell Williams and Bionic Yarn, aiming to find biomimicry solutions in industrial production.